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Welcome to Bucare

Grow your business out of our rooted advice

We advise you for the constitution of companies in the Netherlands


Specialized advice on commercial contracts to grow your company in the Netherlands


Analysis of contracts and business risk


How to create my business in the easiest way in the Netherlands?

Creating a business in the Netherlands and making it operational is fast, the important thing is to do it right from the first step. In Bucare we can give you the opportunity to have your business ready as soon as 48 hours.

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- FRANKOLAYA Online Marketing.

"When I needed to establish my online marketing firm as a legal business in The Netherlands, it was very frustrating not knowing how to do it or where to go to make it happen."


Law & Blockchain

"Eduardo from Bucare Consultancy is a great legal professional with extensive experience, both in-house and as a legal consultant.


He is detail-oriented and client-focused, while being knowledgeable in multiple domains.


His personal approach facilitates healthy relationships and he's a pleasure to work with."


Moving Cocoa Company BV

"I started working with Bucare Consultancy when an investor came into my company and we agreed on equity share. I asked Bucare Consultancy to help me make the shareholder agreement".

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Board Meeting

¿Un acuerdo de accionistas como herramienta para proteger y hacer crecer su inversión inicial?

Night Lights

Blockchain: apertura de un nuevo negocio de intercambio en Estonia

Bucare Consultancy es una firma de consultoría legal y de negocios establecida en Holanda por profesionales con 10 Años de Experiencia en creación de empresas y cierre de contratos comerciales en Europa y América.